## Definition of Product Insights Product Insights is a powerful tool for product managers to help them make data-driven decisions. It provides valuable insights on product performance, customer behavior, [[Customer Feedback]], and more. Product Insights can help product managers identify user trends, recognize opportunities for optimization, and quickly respond to changes in the market. By leveraging the data-driven insights provided by Product Insights, product managers can develop a comprehensive understanding of their product, its users, and the competitive landscape. This understanding can be used to inform [product strategy]() and create successful products that are tailored to the needs of their customers. ## 21 Sources of Customer Insights Here is the list of easy-check sources to gain deeper insight into the [[Customer Needs]]. ![[telegram-cloud-photo-size-1-5739893993906481085-y.jpg]] ### Own Product Area - Support Tickets from [[Customer Service]] Team. - [[Customer Feedback]]. - [[Customer Development]] results. - Blog Comments and other UGC. - Insights from social accounts discussions. - Internal product search requests from the users. - Adv. Google Search Keywords included product name. - Own [[Product Metric]]. - A/B-testing Results. ### The Society Insight Channels - Twitter Search + Hashtags. - Reddit/Quora or other web2 forums. - ProductHunt or other specific platforms. - Focus Groups Interview. ### The Market Insight Channels - Contributor: website, support team, seo-ranking, and social accounts. - Industrial confs or other events. - [[Market Research]] reports. - Market Research platforms. - 3-rd party data sellers. - Forecasts by Google Trends & Google Keywords Planner. - ChatGPT.